The naughty mind of an author

I have a very active imagination and an almost bottomless appetite for roleplay and fantasy. This is one of mine.

A long-standing fantasy is to dress very provocatively and scandalously and go for a walk. A married couple (friends of mine in real life, but strangers in this roleplay) pull alongside me in their car. She calls me over and begins talking to me. It’s immediately apparent that they believe I’m a “working girl.” I try to explain that I’m just out for a walk but I can hardly get a word in edgewise. 

It’s her husband’s birthday, she explains, and she’s looking to get him something “special” and that’s where she hopes I’ll come in. Things have become boring and routine, and there are certain things that she can’t or won’t do for him. Finally I determine that it’s time to put a stop to this.

Except, then she starts talking money. Opening her purse, I can see she’s got a lot of it. I’m immediately thinking about the stack of second notices on my coffee table, the way I have to undo the top two buttons and make the sad, submissive eyes when I’m begging the landlord for one more week…

Suffice it to say I get in the car with them, back to their place.

One thing she failed to mention during our “negotiations” is that she intends to be an active participant. A very active participant…

And, that she has a suitcase of very shiny things. But a deal is a deal…

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