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Censored picture on Cassidy Storm's Facebook

For those who follow me on Facebook, I found myself suspended for three days for posting the featured photo to my Cassidy Storm page. It supposedly went against standards on “nudity or sexual activity.”

Not entirely sure that a ball gag automatically constitutes “sexual activity.”¬†Many would argue that BDSM is a lifestyle, and just isn’t about sex. Also, as this appeared on my page, those following it would (or should) already have a pretty good idea of what I write, and shouldn’t be following me in the first place if they don’t like this material. Should also note that it doesn’t seem as if the photo was reported — Facebook merely took it upon themselves to flag it.

I’m on several social media outlets and Facebook is the only one that had issue with this. I’m posting to my page via Hootsuite, and from now on will be doing this via a throw-away Facebook account with rights to my page. In this way, if there’s a problem in the future only that account will get penalized.

I don’t own the photo. It appeared on Tumblr (no, they still haven’t managed to weed out all the naughties) and I don’t hold a license to it. Nor was copyright at issue when Facebook removed it. It’s reposted here in relation to this blog post, in an informative/educational capacity.

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