Dial “M” for Mindless…


I was browsing Tumblr and came across a book cover reveal that really caught my eye. The book was Activation Day: A Lesbian Hypnosis Fantasy by Ella Ford. I was immediately intrigued and had to check it out for myself. After reading, I decided it would be a great idea to interview the author for my blog!

Cassidy Storm: Today we’re talking with Ella Ford, author of lesbian erotica. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Ella Ford: Well, I’m 39, I live in the Pacific Northwest and I’ve been writing erotica for nearly four years now!

Cassidy: How did you get started?

Ella: Believe it or not, I got into writing as a bet– my best friend and I were looking for ways to make money and we stumbled on self-publishing. We devised a competiton where’d both write a short story, publish it and see who made the most money in the first month. A “porn-off” we called it. Well, we did it, published and… well, we hardly set the world of self-publishing alight! She won though, and we made about ten dollars between us. But I had the bug and I kept writing, publishing story after story, and finding my niche.

Cassidy: A question all of us authors inevitably get asked. Do you write from, um, experience?

Ella: These days, I write pretty much entirely lesbian erotica. It’s what I know, and what I feel most comfortable writing. I’ve tried writing in other, more profitable genres, but without much enthusiasm. I have a really terrible werewolf story that I keep published to remind me to stick with what you know. If you don’t, it really reflects in the quality of your work. Nowadays, I write entirely about my own fantasies. I also look to my own experiences for inspiration, and have based entire stories around conversations I’ve had, or encounters I’ve enjoyed.

Cassidy: (fidgeting slightly) I see. Now, you have this new book, which I actually ran across on Tumblr. “Activation Day: A Lesbian Hypnosis Fantasy.” It’s the first of a series, subtitled, um…

Ella: “Dial ‘M’ for Mindless.”

Cassidy: (slightly blushing) Um… yeah, that’s it.

Ella: (giggles softly) I’m surprised you found it on Tumblr. You must have been browsing some of the topics like mind control…

Cassidy: (embarrassed) I was… uh, finding GIFs for my…

Ella: Hypnosis. Dominance and submission. Girl on girl pages.

Cassidy: Um… maybe, kinda… anyway. Moving on. So, you write about these themes often?

Ella: (laughs) Is that like asking me if I come here often?

Cassidy: (shy lip bite) Maybe.

Ella: So my stories are generally on the theme of domination and submission. I love the idea of a power dynamic, an imbalance of control or an abuse of trust. A lot of my titles have an older woman/younger woman relationship, because there’s something uniquely sexy about that pairing, something forbidden, taboo almost. I’m attracted to the notion of a worldly, experienced woman taking a naive, innocent girl in hand and teaching her about her body, about the feelings she has, about how to find the pleasure she craves. Throw in a few handcuffs and ropes and it begins to sound like a nice way to spend a weekend!

Cassidy: (looks away) Yeah… nice…

Ella: Are you doing okay? You seem a bit… distracted.

Cassidy: Um… yes, fine. Anyway. So back to my, um, back to this latest book…

Ella: Activation Day.

Cassidy: Yes, what led to the idea?

Ella: Being so interested in control and surrender, I naturally find myself intrigued by the extremes of those desires. How far would a girl go to achieve the submission she craves? She would surrender her body… but what about her mind? What if there was a way that she could become completely submissive, completely obedient, completely docile? How would that feel? Would she want it? And this is where the ideas behind the “Dial ‘M’ For Mindless” series came from. A shadowy organization that provided the service of mental domination, consensual hypnosis for girls who crave it and women who enjoy it.

Cassidy: (blurting) My mouth will be available at all times.

Ella: I’m sorry, what was that?

Cassidy: (confused) Sorry, I spaced out for a second. My mouth… um, I mean… okay, well… the scenes in the book, are they based on… some kind of, uh, you know, experience? You said before, you like to write what you know…

Ella: (teasingly) Oh. I did say that, didn’t I?

Cassidy: Um…

Ella: Are you sure you’re okay today?

Cassidy: Yeah. I’m just finding it hard to concentrate, for some reason. I guess I don’t multitask well.

Ella: I feel you. That’s the life of a writer for you. What do you have in the works besides the blog?

Cassidy: Several things. You know… like, my mouth will be available at all times. My hands will be available at all times. My ti–

Ella: (interrupting) Yes, yes. Well, I have something else for you.

Cassidy: Oh?

Ella: Fiscal turbine equitable peach.

Cassidy: …

Ella: (speaking clearly and quickly) When I snap my fingers, you’ll remember none of this. You’ll wrap up our blog interview. Then you’ll go home and pack a bag. An entire weekend’s worth. Plenty of unmentionables, the kind you wouldn’t even dare wear for your boyfriend. Then you’ll drive to my place and wait for me there.

Cassidy: (vacant) Yes, Ms. Ford.


Cassidy: (shakes head) Oh, my. I’m sorry, I guess I kinda spaced out again. Where was I? Oh. Is the storyline of your book based on, like, something you’ve experienced or done?

Ella: You mean, do I go around hypnotizing sexy but innocent women? (laughs) If only. That would be wild, wouldn’t it?

Cassidy: (nervous titter) It sure would.

Ella: Of course, the hypnosis in “Activation Day” is a fiction. The idea of being implanted with an activation phrase is not realistic, especially being implanted without your knowledge. That would be silly.

Cassidy: (smiling weakly) Yeah. Silly…

Ella: It’s just a device for exploring what it would be like to be completely out of control, to be called to awareness at the whims of another. Needless to say, I had a great deal of fun writing it!

Cassidy: I’ll bet.

Ella: I know you will. I did manage to take a look at your book Game Night.

Cassidy: (blushes) So, the book is Activation Day. It’s available on Smashwords for a variety of readers, including Kindle and ePub. And we’ve been talking with Ella Ford, fellow lesfic author. Ella, it’s been delighful having you.

Ella: And delightful having you, too.

Cassidy: Um. And with that, I’m off. I have a busy week ahead!

Ella: So do I. A very busy week…

Check out Activation Day today! I hope you enjoy it almost as much as I did!


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