Sit back and enjoy an extended sneak preview from my work in progress, Team Mom!


“Keys?” Kelsi had her hand out.

Garrett frowned. “Why do you get to drive?”

“Because,” she explained wittily, “If BJ and I get in the back seat together, you’d end up wrecking the car.”

He agreed with this logic, tossing her the keys. I gingerly climbed into the back seat, scooting carefully over as Garrett got in after me.

“You two behave yourselves back there,” Kelsi winked, glancing in the rearview as she started the car.

“We will,” I assured, even as his hands began wandering across my chest. By the time we even made it out of my subdivision, my right tit was out and the young man was eagerly sucking on it. Not satisfied with just one for long, he tried to expose my left one as well, but ended up stretching the shirt dangerously close to ripping.

“Garrett, I’m gonna be real pissed if you rip that shirt, after I worked so hard on it,” she warned him in the rearview mirror.

He shrugged, then carefully pulled the shirt up, allowing both my boobs to spring free. Pulling the shirt over my head, he tossed it into the front seat, and then his mouth went back to work on me.

“Attaboy,” Kelsi complimented with another look back, “much better.”

“Where are we… going…” I asked.

“First I gotta go to the bank!” She signaled, then turned into a commercial plaza. As it turned out, this was the same bank I used—and Kelsi was getting into the line for the drive-up teller rather than the ATM.

“Hey, can I have my shirt back?” I asked nervously. “Come on… they know me here…” And they’re about to know me a lot better.

“I think you two should put on a show,” opined Kelsi. “It would be really hot.”

“Kelsi. Please.” I tried leaning forward and reaching across the seat for the tee, but she snatched it playfully away and tucked it between her thigh and the driver’s seat. Garrett took the opportunity to pull me onto his lap, reaching around to fondle me and sucking on my neck. I could feel his excited cock through his pants.

She pulled the car up. We were next in line for the drive-up, and I could see the bank tellers bustling around behind the thick glass—women whom I’d seen numerous times while depositing checks or getting cash. They hadn’t seen me yet—but they were about to see more of me than they ever had.

“C’mon, guys. I know these people, let me put my shirt back on…”

Kelsi, ever resourceful, had an idea. “You know, BJ… they probably won’t recognize you if they can only see the top of your head…” I felt Garrett get even more excited at this wicked suggestion. To our right, in the other lane, a young couple was waiting to use the drive-up ATM. They weren’t anyone I knew, but it was embarrassing nonetheless. Taking notice of us, the woman said something to her boyfriend/husband and pointed in our direction.

“Almost there,” hinted Kelsi, taking her foot off the brake. The car in front of us was pulling away, and we’d soon be at the window. In the ATM lane, the couple were watching us—the girl, with interest, and the guy, with a bit more fascination. (Not to brag, but my boobs do make for a great peepshow.) Their faces switched to rueful disappointment as we pulled forward and the ATM unit blocked their view.

At the window, the teller had her back to us, and was dealing with a customer inside the bank. It wouldn’t be long before she’d turn around, and see… well, everything. To make matters worse, this particular bank employee was one I knew well—she lived in my subdivision and we often bumped into one another at the grocery store.

My options were clear-cut. I was about to be embarrassed, probably to the point of being forced to switch banks. That, or I could give Garrett a blowjob.

The latter choice seemed to be the easier one. Given Kelsi’s endless proclivity for keeping her Team Mom busy with these “games,” it was already a foregone conclusion that I’d be blowing Garrett today anyway, and probably fucking him for that matter. Still, I was a little shocked at myself for how quickly I was able to rationalize and decide. 

As the car stopped in front of the bank window, I slid off Garrett’s lap and across the bench seat to his left, the ultra-tight jeans restricting my movement somewhat. “Ok, fine, undo your pants,” I sighed.

He was unbuckled and unzipped in nothing flat, and had his cock fished out just a few seconds after that. He was probably about the same size as Jeff had been—perhaps just slightly shorter but thicker. As I watched, a single drop of precum oozed from his tip, inviting me to lick it off. I cast another furtive glance back toward the bank teller—she’d finished her other business and was on her way back to the drive-up window.

“Guys,” I pleaded, “I wanna do this… but… can we… maybe, after the bank?”

Kelsi laughed. Garrett said nothing, but grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down toward his lap, thus answering my question. My tongue flicked out to deal with the white droplet of precum, and then he was pushing me down, eager for me to get serious. I worked his tip for a few seconds until he urged me further. In the bank, I knew the teller would clearly be able to see what was going on—although at least she wouldn’t see my face.

The speaker crackled to life. “Good morning. How may I… oh!” The banker—Laura, I think her name is—had apparently noticed the festivities in the back seat. She took it in stride and recovered nicely: “How may I help you today?

“Depositing,” Kelsi said matter-of-factly, as if there wasn’t a topless thirty-something woman giving head in the seat right behind her. To a baseball player half her age, no less.

I heard Kelsi sliding something—probably her check and bank-card, I guessed—into the teller drawer, then heard the drawer mechanically retracting.

Ok, one moment.

During the respite, Kelsi craned around to check us out. “How you doin’ back there?”

“Great,” moaned Garrett. 

Mmmmmm,” I added.

“Nice,” she grinned. “Show her how you like it, honey!” Garrett obediently began pulling and pushing my head in all sorts of different directions, even though I was already doing a respectable job.

That is, if giving car head in a bank drive-up line can be considered “respectable.”

The teller came back. “Ok, because your account is still new, there will be a hold on this deposit.

Kelsi gave a short sigh. “Damn. For how long?”

It’s usually five business days.

“But I was counting on that money! Can you get a manager to maybe override it? That’s a good check!”

Hang on. Let me see what I can do.

The young brunette turned around to check on us again. “Dammit. I hate when they freeze the funds!” She watched my lips sliding up and down Garrett’s shaft. “Oooooooh. But that’s fucking hot!” Tearing her eyes away, she looked at Garrett. “Is the Team Mom taking good care of you?”

Fuck yeah… she’s doing… wonderful…” He grabbed my hair, this time to slow me down a little. “Be… careful, BJ… or I… might…”

“Oh, you can come in her mouth,” promised Kelsi matter-of-factly, as if I had no say in the matter. I snorted indignantly, but kept sucking him. His breathing was getting much heavier now, and his cock was much more sensitive to every bit of stimulation from my lips and tongue. He’d be filling my mouth with his treat any second, I knew. It wasn’t that I minded swallowing—I didn’t—but I would rather have offered it on my own.

If he comes, I suddenly realized, I’ll have to stop. I wouldn’t be able to hide my head in his lap, and I’d probably end up back in plain view just in time for Laura and the other bank tellers to recognize me. Immediately, I began to pace myself, slowing my rhythm down. He was still throbbing, and very close, so I reluctantly pulled him out of my mouth, then began kissing my way down his length until I found myself licking and sucking his nuts.

Mmmmm. Now that’s what I’m talking about. My favorite thing,” Kelsi purred. “Well, other than being outright fucked. Or being licked.” Now she tousled my hair. “Or… being licked while being fucked.”

Ohhhhh fuck…” Garrett squirmed, his cock somehow growing even stiffer at the suggestive remarks coupled with the oral attention I was giving his nutsack. But he wasn’t ready to explode… not yet, at least.

Static from the bank speaker again. “Ok.” Startled, Kelsi turned back toward the open window. I wondered how long the teller had been back, and whether she’d been watching me kissing Garrett’s cock and sucking on his nuts. She’d have a birds’ eye view, I was certain. Quickly, I gave the base of his shaft a kiss, and then went back down on him—as if this were somehow less shameful.

“Yes,” Kelsi stammered. “Sorry, um…”

A tiny laugh. “Ok, I spoke with the manager… she says we can lift part of the hold and make the first two hundred available. But there will still be a five business day hold on the rest of it.

“Well… ok, I guess. Will that be on my debit card?”

Yes, that will show up on the card right away.

“Ok, I guess that’ll work.” 

With relief, I realized that the drive-up interaction was almost over. 

Will there be anything else?

Kelsi shot me a mischievous look that said trouble. “Yes,” she intoned wickedly, “do you have any suckers? My friend loves having things to put in her mouth…”

I can see that.” Laura gave a little chuckle. “Yeah, we’ve got a few.” The deposit drawer slid open again. 

A moment later, Kelsi tossed a red lollipop into the back seat. “Say thank you to the nice lady, BJ.”

For once, I found myself thankful for my nickname. “Mmmmm mmmm,” I acknowledged with a raise of my hand.

“BJ.” Kelsi spoke with mock sternness. “Mind your manners. You know you’re not supposed to talk with your mouth full.” Garrett helpfully pulled me up off of his dick, causing an audible, wet SMACK.

“Thank you Laura,” I announced, then got his cock back in my mouth as quickly as I could.

You’re… uh… welcome…” The teller sounded bemused. Oh God, did she recognize me?

Just to be on the safe side, I decided that I’d do all of my transactions at the ATM from now on. Like, after business hours…

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