Samantha is a recurring character in the works of Cassidy Storm.

My boyfriend is a baseball player, rather sexy and hot, if I do say so myself. The downside is, I always have to be vigilant. Once, I caught the girl from upstairs flirting with him at our front door. Petite little brunette, standing in our doorway and flirting with Jeff, asking him for “a cup of sugar.” Can you believe there are actually bitches out there who still think that’s a clever come-on? And the expression on her face was priceless when I showed up at the door. She actually tried to continue the charade, trying to tell me about the cake she was making before I sent her on her way and ripped Jeff a new one. Still, I kept my eye on her. To my immense relief, she moved out not long after. Although when I saw her new (female) roommate, and the obvious way they were carrying on, I was able to let my guard down a little bit. I even let my boyfriend help them with the move… good riddance.

But then, there’s the baseball team. I know he was having a “thing” with his team trainer last year — even though we were technically “taking a break” at the time. Even now, Jeff and Kelsi often hug, hang out and act in more than a “just friends” way. Not to mention that kiss I walked in on at their end-of-season party last fall. Whenever Kelsi’s around (which is often during the season) I’m certainly on high alert.

And finally, there’s BJ. She’s somewhat of a wild-card. Kelsi decided to bring on another assistant for the team… BJ is the “team mom.” Her duties seem to be promoting team morale, which as far as I can see, consists of shaking her rather big tits in the dugout and the cheering section. That, and it’s no secret she provides “special” incentives to the game MVPs. And, since my Jeff is like the best player on the team… well, those two are certainly acquainted.

All things considered, I’m weirdly okay with this arrangement. I’ve even watched the two of them on a few occasions… the team mom giving my MVP his reward for a job well-done. (I think her real name is Bridget, but from personal observation, the nickname is a perfect fit too.)

Usually it’s a post-game oral workout in the front seat of her car or ours. But there have been a few occasions of him disappearing to her house. One night, I got frisky and slipped my head beneath the covers to give my guy a “reward” of my own — and could plainly taste her on him. I knew they were hooking up sometimes, so I wasn’t surprised. Rather, I was incredibly turned on. After I finished him off and he passed out, I crept to our living room and finished myself off with my favorite toy. Four times!

Still, I’m a jealous person by nature, and this weird little “MVP/Team Mom incentive” arrangement isn’t an exception. Although I’ve watched her living up to her nickname from a distance, it’s pretty clear she knows what she’s doing, and Jeff often responds in ways he never has with me. As soon as I can screw up the nerve, someday I’ll swallow my pride and ask her for a pointer or two. And maybe even invite her over in the hopes of receiving a little “hands-on training.” Or would it be “mouth-on” training?

For now, though, I’m just keeping with the status quo. As long as Kelsi keeps her meathooks away from my guy!

You can read about me in Cassidy Storm’s books Girl Talk and Team Mom!


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